Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August Meeting Highlights

Happy beginning of Fall!  Here is a quick photo recap of our August meeting:

1.  Round Robin Quilts

2.  Virtual Quilting Bee:

3.  Show and Tell:

Reminder:  the next meeting will be held on Saturday, September 20th, from 10am to 12pm at StitchCraft.  We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August Meeting Notes - Jupiter MQG

Notes from the August meeting of the Modern Quilt Group:
We noted that many members of our group were absent – either on vacation, attending school or sending children off to school, engaged in frivolities with the Martin County quilters, or, in one notable case, suffering from a lapse of memory.  This left only a small but vocal subgroup, and our temporary Chairman Krajkowski ruled the meeting with an iron fist.  Or not.  We determined that those involved in the Martin County frivolities should be prepared for extensive sharing at our September meeting
We welcomed new members, of which there were none.
Favorite quilts were shared.  They were all awesome.  Some were heavily used, others suffered from closet fatigue, and one was shared only by photo. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the similarities and differences, and all noted that it was extremely difficult to pick a favorite from the collection.  Asuggestion was made that at future meetings, we would have a “Meet the Quilter” segment in which one member would bring a selection of quilts to demonstrate her journey through the quilting world, and which would highlight the evolution of her current quilting style. 
Marion’s quilt – Kaffe Fassett
Kathy’s favorite quilt
Kathy’s favorite quilt #2
Debbie’s favorite quilt – was gorgeous!!!
Elaine’s favorite quilt ---- because it’s finished
Angela’s favorite quilt
Shop announcements:
{      Cotton & Steel fabrics are ordered and should be arriving relatively soon.  Yay!  We just don’t know which pieces of the line are in the order. 
{      American Made Cotton solids are to be arriving soon also.  A field trip to South Carolina to observe the mill and final production facilities is proposed.
{      Weeks Ringle is coming to Quilters Choice the week of February 5.  Thursday features a Fabric Smackdown, and either Friday or Saturday a Solids Revolution presentation as well as another chance at the Fabric Smackdown.  We are all excited about this.  Call Quilters Choice to be put on the list for first dibs at class space.
Pixellated quilts
Pixellated quilts were shared.  Kathy Turner followed the proposed steps of downloading and pixellating a picture, and brought a pretty amazing pixellated ladybug.  Two other nameless quilters showed a rebellious streak, and brought non-pictorial pixellated samples. 
Debbie’s Pixilization
Kathy Tucker – pixelization
Patti’s Pixelization – What do you see?  Flowers or a monster?
Debbie’s finished 20” quilt
Exaggerated Scale in quilting
Marion gave a brief talk on quilts with exaggerated scale, and showed a magnificent bed-sized star quilt.  It was interesting to note that the Amish – non modern quilters that they are – use exaggerated scale in many of their amazing quilts.  It was also noted that the use of exaggerated scale encouraged expressive quilt freedom, which is a fun concept. Duly inspired, we agreed that we would treat the twenty inch rule as a suggestion only, as it did not lend itself to exaggerated scale quilts as well as it might.  It should be interesting to see what we all come up with.
Marion’s Exagerated Scale
Other items discussed:
{      We need more chocolate at our meetings.
{      Look for the book Accentuate the Negative – we flipped through it at the meeting and recommend it highly for further perusal.  Its about quilting, not about anyone’s tendency to whine.
{      Change in meeting schedule – a request was made that we consider shifting our meeting to another Saturday in the month.  It was noted that the current timing puts our meeting a few days after the Martin County Quilt Guild meeting, and shifting ours to another Saturday would spread the quilty love more evenly over the month.  Always a good thing.  Also, as a practical matter, we now meet on the same Saturday as a regularly scheduled Saturday morning event at the store, which precludes us from adding on hands on events either before or after our meeting.  And we love the hands on stuff.  Since the next store schedule will begin in October, we’ll shoot for agreeing on another week in time for the next schedule.
{      At the special request of one of the small but vocal sub-group, we are going to engage in a little hand quilting at the next meeting.  Nan will have some supplies available, Kathy is bringing a small frame, and Alaine is bringing in a small quilt she wants to hand quilt.  We talked about this as a traditional “bee” and decided period costumes were optional.  And not encouraged.
Angela’s Three Block Party quilts
Angela’s quilt
Marion’s Show & Tell
We were then kicked out of the store.