Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MQG September Highlights - Jupiter

highlights from September:
20" Exaggerated Scale Hexagon
Exaggerated Scale Star Quilt Top

20" Exaggerated Scale

{      Examples of Exaggerated Scale quilts were shared. We saw several lovely 20 inch blocks, and one large bed quilt size star quilt in progress.  It was interesting to note that some members are making their blocks with a consistent scheme – either in colors used, or in types of fabrics.  These will make a terrific wall display at the end of our study.
20" Pixilization quilt

20" Fish pixilization
20" Negative space
{      The presentation on Minimalism from Claire  and Alayne on modern quilting was very interesting – our esteemed presenters noted that minimalism is characterized by an avoidance of symbolism and a certain cool anonymity.  Wide ranging discussions ensued involving the parallels between minimalism in quilting and in modern art and the differences, if any, between the use of negative space and minimalism.  Suggestions for further study included reviews of quilting by Gwen Marston and Jan Meyers Newberry.  Looking forward to seeing minimal adventures in minimalism at the next meeting!

Star Quilt by Deb!
Sixteen patch jelly roll gift quilt.
{      Members showed some stunning projects.  Deb shared a star quilt made from a northern group she belonged to in which each person built a quilt with a single piece of fabric as a starting point, as well as a sixteen patch jelly roll gift quilt.  Her quilts were, as usual, awesome.  Deb also brought in two of her first quilts, which may not have been quite as awesome, and prove that her quilting roots are firmly set in the 1980’s.  Joan brought in her Gyre quilt, which has a larger name that I am unable to decipher in my scrawled notes.  It too was stunning.  Patty continues to floor us with her Spoonflower fabric samples.

 {      Following the meeting and all the usual business that accompanies it, we engaged in a little hand quilting.  Throughout the meeting Susan Pitcher had been quietly stitching away on her quilt, so she was the logical person to provide instruction. New skills are great.

See you October 18!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September 2014 - Meeting Photos!

Here are some photos from our September 2014 meeting of the Boca Raton chapter!

1.  Round Robin Quilts:  Works in Progress

2.  Topic of the Month:  Surface design!

3.  Show and Tell:

As a reminder, our next meeting is on Saturday, October 18th, 2014, from 10am to 12pm at StitchCraft in Boca Raton.  See you there!