Activity Councils

SFMQG wants all of our members to be able to actively participate in the running of our guild. One of the ways we do this is by keeping our Executive Council as compact as possible, and by handing much of the responsibility of organizing our activities directly to our members.

We ask that all of our members choose at least one activity council to contribute to.  Our current roster of coucils is:
  1. Block of the month lottery
  2. Challenges & swaps
  3. Community service
  4. Education & teaching
  5. Special events
  6. Membership
  7. Historian
  8. Meetings
  9. Quilt-a-long
Each of the councils works with an Officer of the Executive Council as their advisor. A council chairperson is appointed by the responsible Officer. Councils determine how often to meet (some meet virtually via email or group chat) and how to make decisions.

Some councils require a commitment of more time than others. Please talk to an Executive Council Officer if you would like some help determining which council is best for you.

New members will be able to indicate their preferences, and will be contacted before being assigned to a council.