Monday, September 14, 2015

Proposal: Amendment to Bylaws regarding VP of Admin

The Executive Council is proposing a change to our Bylaws at our next General Meeting on 19th September.  Normally, our Bylaws would require two-week notice prior to this type of vote. However, as our elections are coming up soon, we felt it was important to raise this issue now, and we hope that our Members will agree to a quick vote in this instance. If you are not able to attend Saturday's meeting, you can vote by proxy (see below). If any members would like to more time to consider this proposal, we’d be happy to hear from you (just comment here, or drop us an email). If there are enough requests, we’ll postpone the vote until October’s meeting. We appreciate your consideration of this matter.
The Executive Council is proposing the following:
Removal of the office of VP of Admin from the guild’s Executive Council.

We are proposing that the office be removed at the time of the next elections. The office was initially created to divide the Presidential responsibilities between two volunteers who were sharing that office. Additionally, many of the VP of Admin responsibilities have been related to the guild as a start-up, and will be completed by the end of 2015. It has always been our intention to have a small Executive Council and eliminating the extra job title would be in keeping with that objective.
The existing passage in our Bylaws:
3.7. Officers:
    3.7.1 President
    3.7.2. Vice President of Programming
    3.7.3. Vice President of Projects
    3.7.4. Vice President of Administration
    3.7.5. Secretary
    3.7.6. Treasurer
And the proposed change:
3.7. Officers:
    3.7.1 President
    3.7.2. Vice President of Programming
    3.7.3. Vice President of Projects
    3.7.4. Secretary
    3.7.5. Treasurer
The vote will be held by a show of hands at the meeting on 19th September (postponement notwithstanding). Members who are not able to attend may nominate a proxy to vote for them at the meeting.  A majority vote will be sufficient to carry this proposed change.
If any members have any questions about the proposal or the vote, please feel free to raise them in our Members-Only Facebook group, or directly to the Executive Council by responding to this email.

VP of Admin

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